About Joshua Bean PLLC

Facing the complexities of the legal system alone can set you up for disaster. The choices you make now could affect you or your family forever.

Joshua J. Bean PLLC is a full-service law firm representing families and individuals in Southwest Washington. We handle each case as a team, aggressively pursuing our client’s rights with empathy and compassion. We know how stressful certain situations can be.

While legal issues are oftentimes difficult, we guide you through your case with experience and the commitment to excellence your case deserves.

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We Work As A Team

By leaning on the experience and perspective of each team member, we are able to build the strongest possible case for our clients. We approach each situation as unique. We work tirelessly, and without fail, to inform and guide our clients through each important choice. 

Divorce and Separation

We guide clients through the numerous issues that may arise in divorce or separation matters, including custody disputes and asset distributions.

Custody Disputes

Whether it’s simple parental questions, or you’re involved in a minor guardianship dispute, we will provide steady guidance to preserve your rights and your children’s interests.

Estate Planning

Everyone has different life experiences and goals. We’ll help you create an estate plan that provides for your loved ones and meets your health and financial needs.

Protection Orders

We both help clients pursue protection orders for victims of domestic violence and/or other types of unlawful harassment, and also defend against wrongfully filed claims.

Criminal Law

The criminal system isn’t something to face alone. You deserve a highly experienced collaborative defense team that will fiercely protect you and your interests.