Protection Orders

Washington State offers no-contact order protections for victims of domestic violence and/or other types of unlawful harassment. Joshua J. Bean Law provides advice and representation for people who are seeking such protection, as well as for those who have been wrongfully subjected to an order.

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An Order of Protection is used to help secure any qualifying person in Washington who feels threatened by someone. Someone may request an order, or a court could make a determination while hearing a case. Regardless the reason, you may feel compelled to fight an Order of Protection if it leads to serious repercussions in your personal and professional life.

At the Law Offices of Josuha Bean PLLC, you can find a Washigton attorney who brings years of experience to every case. We understand how protective orders work and how the cases an order is usually attached to unfolds, such as domestic violence and assault.

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Joshua and Sylvia were a major part of helping us complete our family thru adoption. Everything about our experience with them both was over the top and simply amazing. Our family thinks of both often. And know you both have a forever place in our hearts and family.

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I hired Joshua Bean to prepare my corporate business formation documents. Joshua is very professional and easy to reach. He also does a wonderful job on advising me, as a business owner, what is best for my company. I’ve referred a few of my clients to Joshua as well, for both LLC and…

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Josh is a fantastic attorney. He is honest, fair, and forthright, and he has a thorough understanding of family law. We were pleased not only with the results we received by working Josh, but also with how his integrity and demeanor were that of someone we would want representing us. I cannot give…

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Joshua J Bean is the best! He’s helped so many friends with family law as well as wills and trusts. My favorite story I have of Josh is when he helped with my friend’s adoption. This was a scary thing for them as they feared by opening up the case they could loose…

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