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Joshua J. Bean, PLLC | Vancouver, WA and Clark County Family Law Attorney
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We guide you

At Joshua J. Bean Law we know that you want your wishes to be heard. In order to do that, you need confident legal representation. The problem is your situation is uncertain which makes you feel lost. We believe you and your family should have every legal advantage possible. We understand how complicated and stressful these matters can be which is why we have been working so hard as a full-service legal team representing families and small businesses in Southwest Washington for nearly a decade.


Whether you simply need your will updated, or are facing a complex, high-asset divorce, we will help guide you toward a positive outcome.


Clear and consistent communication is essential to success. As your legal representative, we will ensure you are informed about your case every step of the way.


Many dread the legal system because of the time and expenses needed. We are committed to resolving your case as efficiently as possible.


We have consistently obtained positive results for our clients, considering both short term solutions and big picture objectives.


Business Planning and Formation

Joshua J Bean Law will assist you in planning for the future of your business. From business formation to succession planning, having a structure in place will provide security for business owners and help prevent excessive future litigation costs.


Estate Planning

Every adult should have an estate plan. We are ready to help you formalize a plan that reflects your wishes.  Joshua J. Bean Law has helped countless Clark County families and individuals with plans ranging from simple bequests to complex, high value estates.


Family Law

Involvement in a family law matter is oftentimes one of the most stressful experiences in a person’s life.  The stakes are high – including custody decisions and permanent property division – and the proceedings are often highly contested.  We aim to make the experience a better one for our clients.  While we cannot remove the inherent tension of family law, we make it a priority that the process is efficient and understandable.


In Clark County, approximately 1,450 divorce decrees are entered with the court each year. Each case presents issues unique to the people involved. One of the most important, and often contentious, issue that arises in many divorce cases is custody of minor children. As you can see, many cases in Clark County involve differing numbers of children.
Source: Washington State Department of Health

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Protecting Your Green

In 2018, we launched a new video series, entitled “Protecting Your Green With Joshua Bean, Attorney at Law.”  In it, Joshua talks about common family law and estate planning issues, while attempting to look comfortable on camera.


We will be producing videos weekly, and hope they help people in Washington state create plans for their families so they can prepare for the future and protect their green!


Below is a link to our YouTube channel, which will contain the latest videos.  We have also included the videos on our Frequently Asked Questions page of our site.